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 This time I was told that my extended warranty through Blue Steel only repaired chips and does not do windshield replacement. I asked the lady on the phone, "Why would you be contacting the insurance? They didn't break my windshield, your 'tech' did." I chipped it, HE broke it. Safelite broke my windshield and basically said "you have to pay for it, not our problem". BUT... they could replace it for me, at my cost of course. That's the definition of a "scam". "Oops, we tried to fix your chip and it accidentally broke. But if you pay me more money I'll replace it".


I called Safelite to replace a windshield for my Toyota FJ Cruiser because my company employee website says they offer us a discount. Safelite assured me I was getting a great deal because of my employment and was told I will very happy with the price. Something about the way the Safelite employee was talking made me wonder. I had my brother in law call a few days later and ask what it would cost to get a replacement for the exact same vehicle. He was quoted the same price I was. When he asked why it was so high, Safelite deducted $60 because he was a first time customer! I called Safelite to ask about my appointment and ask them if I was getting this great price because of my company. When "AJ" at Safelite told me yes, I asked her to compare the charges on my "discounted" work order to that of my brother in law's. There was silence then she offered a host of possible scenarios as to why.

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2 hours later I get a call from yet a different guy that says he will come and look at it and decide if it is covered. But since dumbass #2 made a chip in it, it's not going to be covered. I called the office and told them all this. She talks to a manager and says they WILL cover it because they had told me they would and will be out in 2 hours. 1 hour later I get another call from someone else saying now they won't cover it. How is that for getting the runaround from an extremely shoddy company??

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I told her I was there when he called, he was quoted the same exact rate as me, after he asked why the cost was so high, they took $60 off. She asked if she could call me back. She did and made my new adjusted price, $1 less than my brother in law's. I asked if that price included all labor and parts, which is supposed to be included as everything needs to be replaced. It did. She went on to tell me I should contact my company to discuss the rates they offer. I have no idea how that would work. My company doesn't offer any copay and has zero control over what an employee pays to repair or service his personal vehicle. It makes no sense. The fact is that the cost is determined by Safelite and Safelite alone. They didn't expect me to shop them and swallowed the "Wow, I love this great discounted company rate Safelite gives me" hook, line, and sinker.

I complained to my insurance company (USAA is Great!) and they arranged for another company to replace my windshield. The Safelite repair still had visible cracks and isn't like they advertise on TV. If the chip had not been directly in front of the driver I would have bought a repair kit and fixed it myself, demonstrated on-line. Now I know never to use Safelite.

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I'm not sure who is writing the reviews on Safelite's actual website, but they are most definitely not "real" customers. All other websites, Yelp, BBB etc have honest and true reviews. This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. If I could give zero stars I would. I only chose them based on my insurance co's (shame of you Geico) recommendation. Appointment was booked for between 12 and 5 pm. "Victor" showed up at 5:30 obviously in the dark. After putzing around for a bit we were informed the new glass had a crack in it and he would have to come back the next day. I contacted Safelite at A.M. the next morning. 3 different reps gave me 3 different "stories" but the bottom line was that no one had any record of what transpired the previous day. After sitting on hold for close to 25 minutes, the call center finally got me thru to the shop, who also had no record of this.

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Now 282.79 total, 208.95 glass, plus disposal, mobile service and tax, more like $30.00 discount. Also got 2 emails first was right price, but second confirmation now shows total $565.69 will be due. Not only is this so very wrong price, but now lost 10 hours work waiting, for wrong price and still no word. If they're not here in 25 minutes or before 5 then they can go away for life! Just after posting this very message to Contact us on Safelite, I received a call telling me he was late and would be later getting here. Now I have lost 10 hours work waiting on Safelite. In their confirmation they say they have reserved their very important time for you, yet they can't keep their appointments. They can't add because there $50.00 discount is a total scam, more like less than $30.00 and then they only call back after you file a complaint.

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Will never do business with them again!! Took the car in for a windshield. They broke the wiper's arms, (not the blades) and refuse to replace them. The only thing they will do is give us a $40 discount. I am not capable of fixing this if I can ever find a part. The gentleman (if that is what you want to call him) at Safelite in Ohio was clueless and would not help us. He just kept repeating the same thing over and over!! The manager from Jefferson Avenue Safelite ** will not fix this car for me when the part comes in, he said he did all he can do and it is up to me now. This is ludicrous!!! I will never go there again or recommend this place to anyone!!!

Called Safelite to have the windshield on my wife truck replace and I went to Safelite. My mistake. They took my information and told me that my insurance company need my mileage. I told the rep Andrew that I didn't have the mileage. He stated that was no problem and that when the tech got to the car he would grab it. Not 10 min later I get a call from Lauren from Safelite and she stated that she has to denied the claim because of no mileage. I told her that the tech would grab it when they replace the windshield. She said that the tech can't do it that way and that they need the mileage. Told her that I couldn't get the mileage today - will have it tomorrow. She said that when we get the mileage she will submit the claim again.

I call my insurance company. Talk to glass claims and they stated that they don't request the mileage from the glass company so I call Safelite back and talk to David and he stated that they do need the mileage and that they won't submit the paper work without it. I try to explain to him that they didn't need it. David then stated that if I want I can cancel it. Told David that he was rude and that "I want to cancel it because you are rude and won't listen." Stay away from this company. They are scammers.